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What can I say about Katy other than she is a wonderful professional dancer. She is inspiring, motivating and it is the best way to end a stressful work day. Love her online classes.
Thanks for adding rhythm to our lives.
I started taking Barre classes with Katy about a year ago with the start of the pandemic, and it has not only saved me, but been such a gift for my health and happiness. I am stronger, have improved balance and found muscles I didn't know I had. It has changed the way I do things. I painted my house and went up and down ladders for days with amazing agility and no sore muscles after! I have new strength and flexibility and can do hard work without hurting my body. I am so grateful for these classes -- the perfect combination of strengthening, balance, stretch and wise movement. It even changed how I dance! Katy's training and expertise comes through on multiple levels and she is an incredible teacher. She takes time to give individual participants expert advice and attention to their particular needs - be it injuries or areas they want to work on - and guides you at whatever level you are at, so you are never behind - just improving. When I started I couldn't do a grand plie or more than a five second plank. Now I can do multiple grand plies and a 60 second plank, multiple times! Barre classes with Katy are amazing. She leaves you with way to continue working on your own! I always come away energized and feeling great, no matter how I arrive at class.
Katy is amazing! I have been dancing with Katy for about seven years. I started with her Ritmoka classes and was instantly hooked. She has such a great variety of music; her choreography is fun, creative, and just the right challenge; and her positive energy is contagious. It's a great workout (for mind and body), but it flies by because I am having such a good time. When she started her Barre Above classes, I was hesitant to try them at first because I thought they would be boring and overwhelming. Boy was I wrong! I am addicted to Barre now. Katy knows how to find the balance between keeping a variety of levels challenged without ever feeling like it is too much. She is so knowledgeable about conditioning and has so many different exercises that I never get bored. Katy knows how to avoid a plateau. She is so encouraging and, even when it is a particularly hard routine, she helps me stay focused and motivated. In less than a year and half, my body has and continues to transform. Not only have I lost over 30 pounds, but I feel better than I ever have. While many of my friends have begun to complain of aches and pains, I continue to have more energy and feel stronger and more fit. I am so grateful to Katy. She is a beautiful person and a light in my life.
Jumping into classes with Katy was not easy for me. I found it a real challenge mentally and my brain would ache. Katy's immense library of choregraphy and the mastering of body movements that give the dance spice and flair took time to master. It's a continuing process to this day. But that's the appeal!
The thrill of nailing a dance routine gives you a super high. It's an addiction you can't give up!
I do classes on Zoom since I no longer live in the bay area. I am so grateful to be able to continue this special part of my life that helps keep me young mentally and physically. I am one of the gals in class that's a bit past medicare age.